Wedding Party

Bridal Party


Kristen Terwilliger – Laura’s Best Friend from 1st Grade! Lives in York, PA. Has a son named Grant and husband who brews his own beer (Mike). She works in Human Resources in Lancaster. She is a Thirty-One consultant is you are looking for some gifts.

Maggie Borden – Laura’s cousin of 29 years. Teacher in Arlington, VA. Maggie runs Marathons and likes Wine. She is also Laura’s unofficial wedding planner.

Claire McGrath – Laura’s Sister of 31 years. The two shared a room growing up. Claire hated it but they get along now. She is getting married in June to Adam Kerlin – the red headed bearded guy at the wedding.

Sara McGrath – Laura’s sister-in-law. Married Brian (Laura’s brother – see below for more info) about 6 years ago. Have 2 adorable perfect children (Patrick and Ciara – see below for more info). She is a labor and delivery nurse from Edmonton. Loves hockey and Starbucks. She is always cold.

Aubree Olson-Pylypczuk – One of Laura’s College Friends (307 girls fame). She got married last June to Jason. He likes hunting while she is a vegetarian. She works as a PA near OCMD. She will call Laura “Fish” (College Nickname)

Amanda Lukasik – Another of Laura’s College Friends (307 girl fame). She works near Philly and lives 2 miles away from Aaron’s mother. Amanda and Laura text mostly about TV, Broadway, Dawson’s Creek, Entertainment gossip, and Gilmore Girls. We would prefer you not to bring up the Gilmore Girls finale because it will only make us extremely angry/sad. Not a great topic to discuss on the wedding day.

Ashley Staples – The reason why there is a “McHoodie”. Ashley was Laura’s co-worker at Stevenson. She was also Aaron’s classmate at NC State (grad school). Laura and Ashley go to see Broadway shows in NYC where she works (NYU). She will also act as the minister for the Wedding Ceremony.

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Keenan Mahoney – Aaron’s best from College. They were college roommates and enjoy discussing Florida State Football, video games, and the good old days of FSU. Keenan works in NYC and lives with his girlfriend Sara.

Lucas Hood – Aaron’s younger brother. He is a recent graduate from Florida International University where he was studying to be an actor. Laura secretly is marrying Aaron so that one day she may be invited to a large world premier for a movie or play that Lucas will be starring opposite of Neil Patrick Harris.

Tom Dicato – Aaron’s Friend from FSU and George Mason. They became quick friends over their love of football, higher ed competencies, and beer. Tom works in Student Activities at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) but is relocating to Durham, NC in the spring. Tom likes to cook, lay low at home with his wife Kate, and watch any sport that is on TV.

Nate Sharer – Aaron’s friend from George Mason. Lives in Baltimore with his fiancée Lauren (former Aaron’s co-worker). They are getting married in May. Nate works at the counselling center at Towson University, supports the O’s, and also likes to try new types of beer.

Brian McGrath – Laura’s older brother of 31 years. He lives in Edmonton, Canada with Sara (See above info) where he is a swim coach and maybe a math teacher. He once beat an Olympian in swimming when he was 10. His special skills are quoting movies, filming his kids dancing, and yelling inappropriately (ask him about my high school graduation).

Kevin McGrath – Laura’s older brother of 31 years. He lives in San Diego, CA and will rub it in your face whenever he can. He hates the cold and likes video games, Vegas, and camping. He has been told that he is the funniest and smartest McGrath. Jury is still out on that though.







Patrick McGrath (Ring Bear*) – Patrick is Laura’s nephew and godson. He will be 3.5 at the wedding. He likes Star Wars, not wearing any clothes, and can be a little shy.

Ciara McGrath (Flower Girl) – Ciara is Laura’s niece. She turns 2 the day after the wedding. She always has a smile on her face and likes to do everything Patrick does.

(They both have been practicing their wedding walk to the Darth Vader theme song. Laura doesn’t find it that funny.)

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