The reception will be held at Lauxmont Farms in the Cobblestone Courtyard following the ceremony. It’s the first day of SPRING so we loved this venue for the rustic feel.  It will be March so we expect a chilly night but we will be having lots of heat lamps and a few fire pits and baskets of blankets. There is also seating inside the barn if you not feeling the fire. For those guests who are REALLY worried about snow, we have a back up ALL inside location on the premises as well. We have to make that decision the week before the wedding. So pray for beautiful Spring Weather!



Driving Map

Delicious food, beer, wine. We’re striving for a relaxed atmosphere where people mingle with each other so there will be no seating chart or formal meal. We usually have the most fun at the cocktail hours at weddings so we took that concept and applied it to our whole reception so we can properly celebrate without all of the stuffy traditions that sometimes get in the way of having a good time.
Laura jumps from a low wall while Aaron looks on

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