That one day we Registered…

This was at the end of the day and we are happy to say that those smiles were genuine
This was at the end of the day and we are happy to say that those smiles were genuine

According to every wedding book, Aaron and I were supposed to register the first weekend we got engaged so people could buy us engagement gifts. Oh well! And really…People attending the wedding should be enough. We don’t need gifts, especially $30 towels from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. But alas, I know that if we didn’t register, we would be getting funky punch bowls like the colorful one from Friends from Chandler’s Aunt.




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I tried out all the utensils!

So we decided to register at Crate and Barrel. They also open up the store to only couples registering once a month (Thank you Lisa Hegwood for that insider information). So on a windy Fall Sunday morning, Aaron and I woke up early and got some Starbucks then went to the Crate and Barrel in Clarendon to pick our “future household needs”. We started with plates. I’ll be honest, that’s all I wanted. Nice plates, silverware, and a fun apron. We probably looked at plates and napkins for longer than we needed to. Once we decided on a pattern, we found the section for everyday plates and had to start all over. We also many staff members talking to us about the importance of glassware for entertaining purposes and how weddings are the start of us as a couple entertaining for other events like Thanksgiving or Christmas. The first thought in my head, how can I entertain in a residence hall?!!? #liveinproblems But obviously we like to entertain so I can’t wait to get into a new place and start inviting friends over for themed nights and game nights. But I guess we should get through the wedding first.



We then met up with my cousin Maggie. Maggie and I had plans to go to DSW and try to pick out shoes for the wedding party. We were not finished with registering so she came with us.


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This was the moment I said – let’s blog about this experience! Aaron was thrilled!

We ventured over to Pentagon City to the Bed, Bath, and Beyond. This is where we met a very happy Kory-the bridal consultant at BBB. He helped us with the scanning gun and would periodically pop into the isle we were discussing which shower curtain would match which rug. It was kinda creepy but I understand some couples need help. Bed, Bath, and Beyond had too many choices. The sheets section and over priced pillow section was just too much for me so we left. We ventured over to DSW. Now that is a place that Aaron and I could both register at. I could finally get the Michael Kors boots or Aaron could use some nice running shoes.


After DSW, we ate some Mexican at Lime. That’s when we were able to ask about what’s new with Maggie… Nothing really if you were all wondering. She’s running the Marine Corps Marathon next week! That’s about it.


Finally we left the DC area and went to Target closer to Fairfax. That’s where we finished our registry outing. Towels, sheets, and a vacuum. The important stuff in life can always be purchased at Target. We even threw some fun electronics and Peanut Butter on there for good measure. I wanted to register for cute Thank you Cards but Aaron thought it was rude for other people to buy cards that they would receive later on in life. I guess he’s right…


So after leaving for registry day of fun at 8:45am, we got back to campus and into our apartment at 4:25pm. I felt like we shopped forever and only came home with lettuce, bobby pins, and tongs. Seems like unproductive but it was actually a pretty fun day. So finally you can view our registry on CrateandBarrel and Target but like always – gift cards, Longaberger Baskets or fun monogrammed gifts are always welcome. Just don’t tell Aaron!

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Chalk Nametags! So cute!
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If anyone wants to buy this chair for Aaron, he sat in it for a long time.
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All throw blankets were VETOED — Insert Sad Face!

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I loved this COUCH!


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