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What’s the Attire: Cocktail Wedding attire!!! Cocktail Attire means short, elegant dresses for her and dark suits for him. Wear something comfortable and maybe warm. The outdoor ceremony is in grass (ladies, think of shoes) and part of the reception is on a cobblestone courtyard (ladies, think of shoes).

How do I get to the Wedding? How do I get home from the wedding? Unfortunately we are not able to secure shuttle services for the wedding. The wedding is only 10ish miles away from the Courtyard-Marriott and about 20 miles away from the Eden Hotel. We will provide some taxi cab info at the wedding venue.  There is a parking lot at the venue. Parking is FREE (in between the Ceremony & reception) and you may keep your cars overnight if you do not feel like you can drive home. The venue asks you to please pick up you car at 9am on Saturday morning. We do ask that you are responsible and please do not drink and drive.  (

What’s the food going to be? We always feel the best part of every wedding we have attended was the cocktail hour before the formal dinner. So that’s what we wanted our wedding to be! There will be heavy hors d’oeuvre, food stations, open wine and beer bar, and of course desserts!

Who will I be sitting with? There is no formal seating arrangement. We have created an atmosphere that you won’t want to sit the whole time but move around to mingle with the rest of the wedding guests.

Can I take pictures? We are paying a very talented photographer team to take pictures of every aspect of the wedding ( For the Ceremony – feel free to put you phone away (and on silent) and just enjoy the view! Feel free to take as many pictures as you want during the reception (use #mchoodies if you are posting to social media). We just ask that you try not to ruin their shots. Also grab them have them take pictures of you! We know we won’t be able to see ALL the fun that that our guests are having so make sure they capture it so we don’t miss it!

Is the wedding outside? YES and NO. The ceremony is outside but the view was too good to pass up. The cobblestone courtyard is half inside a barn and we have created some nice heated seating areas outside. We are renting outdoor heaters and fire pits. There will be some blankets if you need some help staying warm. We also have a back up location in case of severe snow and rain (as along as there isn’t another wedding the same day). Don’t worry and think good thoughts!

All I want to do is dance! Really? We feel like we look like idiots when we dance so that isn’t something we are looking forward to. There will not be the traditional first dance, father daughter dance, and mother son dance. Too much attention on us!  But there will be an area that if the music and mood strike you will be able to make the choice to dance the night away!

What is the Smoking Policy? This venue is a non-smoking venue. We ask that if you NEED to smoke – you do so near the parking lot and dispose of you cigarettes in your car and NOT the ground. The Newly Weds will be charged for any litter.

Can I bring a guest? Just ask us before you send in your RSVP and we will let you know. We have a lot of family and our numbers are tight for the space.

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